Americans Don’t Want Revolution: Why You Shouldn’t Care

For people who see the critical threat our civilization is to life on this planet, a “return to normal” is not an appealing message. In fact it’s reprehensible. For people sucked into the 24-hour news cycle that builds up our primary threat as Donald Trump, then maybe a return to normal sounds like a respite, but it is wholly inadequate.

For those with power and wealth who don’t want anything to fundamentally change, all they need to do to prevent voters from rising up to challenge them is keep said voters in a state of perpetual fear of the other party. They accomplish this with a well-paid-for narrative (after all they own the media outlets), and they keep the two parties in a perpetual state of doing nothing.

While the support for Senator Sanders, who represents a cry for real change, shows promise – the larger part of the Democratic Party isn’t on board. They are coalescing around Joe Biden, who has said that if he becomes president, “nothing would fundamentally change.” The only change he represents is from the white nationalism of Donald Trump.

“Americans aren’t looking for a revolution.”
-Joe Biden


As it is, Senator Sanders is working in a political system rigged against change. He’d face a gerrymandered congress full of members who are sustained only by perpetual fundraising to lobbyists and wealthy oligarchs. He’d face a judicial system that currently has a conservative majority in the highest court.

Senator Sanders’ Green New Deal is considered radical by many, but in truth it is a capitalist venture that would surely make some people a lot of wealth, no doubt create some jobs, but could potentially threaten habitat with industrial scale projects, and ultimately isn’t the answer to the threats facing our global ecosystems. While a totally new approach to society is necessary, at least Sanders represents a serious move in a better direction.

What this means for people who recognize that we need real fundamental change in this society is that it isn’t going to happen in the legal system. The oligarchy isn’t going to voluntarily give up its wealth and power. They will continue manipulating the legal system, and the voters that justify their power.

Joe Biden is right. Americans don’t want a revolution. So what do you do if you see climate change and other environmental disasters as a threat to all life on this planet? Or the violence against people all over the world related to current colonialism that is still rampant? Do we sit around and wait for a tipping point in public opinion and for the voters to see through the manipulation? Or will that be too late for the planet and the people suffering from these results?

Most great movements in human societies, ones we now look back on with reverence, didn’t often have public support. The Irish Rebellion for one (I do recommend the series “Rebellion” on Netflix). Irish public opinion was not high on rebellion. Now look at them… they have their own country.

Two-thirds of Americans had an unfavorable view of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr just before he was assassinated. Now he has a statue on the National Mall.

People who care about the future of our planet and the life living on it shouldn’t be relying on the normal political channels. That is almost NEVER where fundamental change occurs. Change occurs when a small number of people demand change. Change occurs on the streets, in taverns, in communities among normal folks.

One of the most successful anti-change features of today is our growing digitally-onset isolation. Determine to get out and meet with your cadres on a regular basis. Get out on those streets. Most importantly, don’t think the political system will save us. By all means vote. Just know we are the only ones who can save us.